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[APD] RE: Algae bubbles

> When I have the CO2 and nutrient-levels on target I notice extreme 
> bubbling from algae attached to my driftwood near the light down to a
> very special depth where the bubbling radically declines in intensity.
> But now the bubbling has stopped and the algae amount has
> declined and/or turned whitish. Some bubbling still occour after 
> the the threshold depth, see movies.
> What's this about? Why the threshold, and why have it all of 
> a sudden stopped bubbling and turned somewhat white?
> Have I "overdriven" the algea above the threshold?
> // Daniel.

Light sounds like a main player here. **Some** Algae need a lot of light to
drive their growth. 
Many algae respond to CHANGES, not stable environments. 

Few algae come from stable environments. The ones that do and close to the
temps we keep are generally the ones we hate.
If you bounce your CO2 all round, or have it become depleted in the
afternoon etc, it will thrive. If you keep things stable only a few species
will do okay.

Algae have narrow niches in many cases and this includes varaition in the
You will see different species sucession over time as the natural
environments change, they often have only a narrow window each year to do
their business, grow, produces spores till next year till things are
similar once again.

Tom Barr.  


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