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[APD] RE: Excessive mail bouncing

I, too, am getting bounces today, but I don't use AOL. Wonder
what's up with that. I haven't been bounced from the list, yet,
tho. Casting about for what's new and different: is this somehow
related to the MyDoom virus? All other emails arrive normally 'cept
this one.


The MyDoom worm might be part of the problem, but it's only really been a problem for the past 2 days. We bounce about 3 infected messages per minute on our system at work (we are an ISP), and the load is about 30% higher today than it was yesterday, and yesterday was about double what a normal Tuesday is. This is *bad*, so everybody make sure your virus scanner is up to date and that you are current on patches. There is more detailed info on the latest batch of worms and viruses at http://www.cert.org


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