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[APD] Re: Freezing and algae

> Subject: Re: [APD] RE: copper
> How well do algaes do with freezing?  When I moved the
> tank on Saturday it was around -5F.  The glass (mostly
> clean) and my driftwood (not cleaned) became frozen. 
> Wondering how well the algae takes a good freezing if
> it wasn't prepared (out of water).
> Scott R.H.

Most of it should be dead.
Some algae can increase their solutes and do fine at -2C etc in snow/
ice/arctic seawater etc. 
Most spores etc don't have to deal with more than maybe 3-4C. There are
exceptions, nothing that will grow in your tank though. 
There's photosynthesis going on under iced lakes, slower than summer etc,
but it still occurs.
Temp changes can signal a number of species shifts in various habitats,
marine systems are especially sensitive to smaller changes.

I don't think freezing a tank is really a good method:-) 

Tom Barr  

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