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[APD] Ludwigia leaves curling

Could anyone please tell me why the older leaves of my Ludwigia rapens is curling downwards? Please see pics at:


tank spec: 29 gal fluorite substrate
GH ~ 6, kH ~2
65 W. PC 12 hours/day
82 F, pH 7.2
PMDD dosing weekly, Flourish tabs in substrate
low tech, No CO2 injection
Boston water is soft so I also add CaSO4, MgSO4, K2SO4 once or twice a month.
I have Cardinals, Discuses, plecos, and clown loaches in the tank.

From the nutrient deficiency chart, it seems like K+ deficiency, but adding
10-20 ppm of K+ a couple weeks ago didn't really help.
The tips seems to look fine, but the older leaves tend to curl downwards. I have Rotala Indica in the tank but they seem fine.

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