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RE: [APD] Return of the G. >> Summary of Barr Method

 Chrys ashed:

>Does there exist, anywhere on the internet, a nice summary or 
 >howto of Mr. Tom Barr's methods for a planted aquarium?  In 
 >an "easy to understand for a non-chemist" format?
 >      Or has Mr. Barr written a book yet and I missed it?  ;)
 >       I know I can archive hunt, but I thought it wouldn't 
 >hurt to ask this question.

I don't think a truly complete page exists, but these links are pretty
complete in toto:

In a nutshell: you maintain a high level of nutrients by dosing up to 3-4x a
week(depending on light intensity/plant biomass). Large weekly water changes
(50%) prevent anything from becoming to high. 

It can get pretty technical, but you can begin good Barr page like this one:
http://rubick.com:8002/aquarium/fertilization and do a bit of trial and
error. (At the moment I am not dosing any K2PO4.)

Using the nutrients listed: it's cheap, requires only testing for CO2, uses
basic aquarium maintenance skills to deal with plant health.

In summary: http://www.aquatic-plants.org/fert/est_index/est_index2.html

Not too much technical detail here, but a good summary of the thinking
behind the method:

Barr's List of Recommended Levels and Parameters:
Chuck Gadd's dosing calculator:

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