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[APD] Fluorescent lights close to the water surface


I have 5 36W T8 Fluorescents but I need 8 !!

Problem is that I can stick up to 6 such Fluorescents to the 20 inch width because of reflectors. There are about 6 inches between the lamps and the water surface.

My idea is to put 8 such Fluorescents 1 inch from the water line.
I will get 8X instead of 5X intensity.
Intensity won't attenuate because of the 6 inch air distance.


I won't be able to use the reflectors any more - right? But the internal of my hood is covered by bright white formica - so light can escape and research shows that the best reflector return ~95% of the light while white paper returns 80% - right?

And yet another "But"....

Since lights are at the surface level - more light will penetrate the water in an angle that will allow it to escape through the aquarium glass - right?????? So where is the best location? If I put the lights higher than I will loose intensity but on the other hand light won't escape....



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