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[APD] Return of the G.


A few months ago I 'borrowed' a 400W MH fixture from work. (I work in an
architect's office. It was a sample from a lighting supplier. A wall mounted

I then bought some Glosso. I was very excited. 

I was dosing my 33 gal with PMDD. (Before people freak out because I was
pumping 400w into a 33 gal. tank, I will remind you that this was an
up/downlight, meaning there is a hole in the reflector behind the bulb
allowing about half the light to shine up, out of the fixture.) The glosso
did pretty well. So did the algae. After a month or two, I switched back to
my old canopy (2x30w fluorescent). The algae died back. The Glosso slowly
faded to nothing.

I switched to the Barr method a 2 weeks ago.
In the left-hand corner of the tank, far, far from where it was originally
planted, a lone Glosso shoot has appeared.
I am very pleased. Very pleased.

Thank you Mr. Barr.


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