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[APD] stuned grow

A month ago I set up 72g plant tank and it has been frustrating me ever
since. Plants just won't grow no metter what I do. Well, they grow but it
seems more like they are taking a very slowly almost vegetating. In first
two weeks everything seemed nice. Cabomba was doing fine, val hade planty
of runners, crypts and swords had planty of new leaves ? A week ago
everything just stopped. Camomba is growing slowly and all the leaves are
closed together. Vals have lots of runners and little vals, but their
leaves don't grow more than three inches or so. Hygrophila aquatica grew
new leaves, bet they are rally really tiny. Crypts are growing new leaves
(brown ones) but runners stuned. Leaves on swords are getting yellow and
die. The only plant that semms to do OK is ammannia senegalensis. Their new
red leaves are twice the size from the LFS. 
Here are some datails: pH - 6.8, kH - 8, temp 79K (26oC), 4x36W tubes
12h/day, DIY C02 (3 yeast bottles), liquid and tablet fertilization
once/week ? I keep 5 med angelfish, 4 platies, 6 rasboras, 6 tetras, pl*co,
2 ancistrus ?
I know I probably did one big mistake at the start, I used washed sand only
for substrate. I thought it was Ok, because I did the same thing with all
other tank and never had problems growing plant. Vals were allways doing
excellent with washed sandand tablet fertilization only.
I have been keeping fish tanks for years and I do know a little something
about it, but this situation is killing me. What should I do? Should I set
up the tank once again with richer substrate?

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