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[APD] Re: more Copper

> From: "Robert T Ricketts" <rtricketts at erols_com>
> Subject: [APD] Re: copper
> To: "APD" <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>

> Some of us like inverts in our tanks for themselves and the interest they
> add to the system.

I like them too. But my plants come first. In a war there are always
innocent victims.

> That they are or may be useful is a plus.  If usefulness
> to the plants were the only criterion, there would be a much smaller
> "allowable" fish selection to be added in any case.  There are plenty of
> folks keeping purely plant tanks, and more power to them, but to me that
> rather highly specialized and unbalanced aesthetically. Also, algae is not
> one-time event, or single-species group.  Clearing a tank of algae at one
> point does not mean it is always and forever algae-free.

So you don't get rid of the algae in the first place? Don't catch the
terrorist because more terrorists will show up?
 If you can live with them, fine, I didn't say everyone should'nt, neither
did Tom or others.

Otherwise if you have a surer method to get rid of a bad case of red
filamentous algae then use it. Don't say SAEs. I have those now and since
they have not found any filamentous algae they've wrecked my precious

Copper is just one method that for me has worked very well indeed. A nuclear
bomb as compared to grenades. A last desperate measure perhaps, but

Sorry for this war talk, I'm actually a peace lover :) its just uninvited
algae I can't stand.

> Not in my fish tanks, thanks very much anyway, but no thanks.

I have fish too. But I call them plant tanks. Everyone to his priorities I



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