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Re: [APD] Tank blackout and making sure fish get enough Oxygen

At 04:35 PM 1/23/2004, you wrote:

Hello, I was thinking of doing a tank blackout (to help with a persistent
greenspot/dust algae) while I was away on a 5 day trip and doing a good
prune when I get back.

My worry though is the fish getting enough oxygen during the blackout as the
plants won't be making any.  I'd say I have a med fish load.  Any ideas?
I'll probably use a towel on the top of the tank and leave 1/2 of the glass
cover open but not sure if that allows enough air to circulate.  I have a
spray bar which I could raise to get heavy surface agitation.

Tank is 90 gal, heavily planted.



I went thru a 7 day blackout earlier this spring (during the big ice storm here in oakland county in march) I had my heavily planted 90 gal wrapped in a giant quilt for 6 days and the only source of air was a battery powered air pump attached to an airstone. I did have *some* losses in that tank but i attribute it to simply getting to cold (the tank got to approx 53* F - other smaller tanks were colder). In fact the only losses i DID incur in that tank were my discus and altums. I think if you did turn your spraybar up like you mentioned, that would be more than adequate, but if you've an extra air pump around there - better safe than sorry. This would also give you a "fresh" air source entering the tank, focing at least some of the old stale air outa the cover area for you.

My $0.02 USD. BOL, YMMV ;)

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