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[APD] Re: Suggestions for a Dwarf Cichlid tank

Kristian wrote:

> I've got a 29g tank just waiting for a use.  I've decided to try a Dwarf
> Cichlid set up but am wondering on configuration.  Now I know you all are
> saying, "why waste a perfectly good aquarium on fish?"  I would like to keep
> a few plants as well, but mostly a rock set up with plenty of caves.  My
> question is, what kind of substrate, sand or gravel, any flourite?  What
> kinds of plants?  Can I get by with a single 55w light?  My planted 29g has
> 110w and it's just a bit on the bright side.  I've heard Cichlids don't like
> a lot of light, I'm just wondering if 55w would be enough for a few plants.
> Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks!

Kristian, I have two such tanks, a 20G and a 10G. Both have Flourite. Both have java ferns, lots of kinds of crypts, java moss, chain swords, and anubias. The single 55W should be just fine for all
these plant types. Not a lot of maintenance, not too bright, just right for a colony of cichlids. I have checkerboards, several kinds of apistos, nanacaras, and some Amano shrimp. Used to have rams,
too, but gave to a friend. The dwarfs love the security of the plants and they would also love the rock caves. The 10G has a 15w Chroma 50 and it does a great job at 1.5 w/gal. (No CO2). The 20G has
45 w of cool white and Chroma 50, with CO2, and it does an absolutely gorgeous job with this selection of plants. Give it a whirl.

Jamie <"///><

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