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[APD] RE: copper

Some poeple think I really like this method for Cladophora control. No, I
much prefer shrimp. The copper is a cheap alternative to Diatoms/UV's,
buying a horde of shrimp depending on the issue and is not a snake
oil/there are other similar products that toast plants/shrimps inverts as
well(eg anything with Simazine) much like copper if it's too high and some
plants are sensitive etc. Algaefix will kill shrimp etc also. Adding too
much Excel/Peroxide/etc etc will kill your fish/shrimps also.

Complaining about radical approaches to killing algae has a long history,
but folks use bleach routinely and suggest it, I really don't understand
the flack copper is recieving. It's just an alternative. 

Daphnia is an alternative to the Diatom filter or UV for Green water, but
fish eat them.
There are many ways to control or kill algae.

Generally, preventing it from occuring is what I like to do, but folks come
back saying they cannot afford something or another or cannot get
shrimps/SAE's etc.
Once you get some of these algae, you have to kill it like GW or remove and
kill it like Cladophora.

If one thing does not work, keep trying, also pay close attention to the
details on each method(and tank parameters) and understand why you might
have failed previously where some one esle might have had success.

I've never been big on chemical algicides, I have a long history of
fighting against these products in general.
But some methods may help if you have exhausted the other methods or
cannot/chose not to do them for whatever reason($, fish, shrimp, too much
hassle etc). 

Nothing like a good cleaning/pruning + a large water change I always say. 

Tom Barr


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