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[APD] Re: copper

Stephan Mifsud wrote about CuSO4 treatment for algae, and noted:

"Shrimps did die after I put them in 6 months later. But who needs shrimps
they don't have algae? I'd rather have no algae and no shrimps than both at
Most if not all plants enjoy a small amount of copper.
Most snails die with more than 1 ppm copper."

Some of us like inverts in our tanks for themselves and the interest they
add to the system.  That they are or may be useful is a plus.  If usefulness
to the plants were the only criterion, there would be a much smaller
"allowable" fish selection to be added in any case.  There are plenty of
folks keeping purely plant tanks, and more power to them, but to me that is
rather highly specialized and unbalanced aesthetically. Also, algae is not a
one-time event, or single-species group.  Clearing a tank of algae at one
point does not mean it is always and forever algae-free.

Not in my fish tanks, thanks very much anyway, but no thanks.

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