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[APD] Re: Suggestions for a Dwarf Cichlid tank

Hi Kristian,

  I can attest that Dwarf Cichlids LOVE a fully planted tank.  I do recommend 
the rockwork & caves to, but fill in as much space as you can w. plants.  It's 
great for making the fish feel secure.  Plus, when the babies come, there are a 
lot of microorganisms that live on the plants - a great first food 'til they 
can take BBS, or fine flake food.
  E. tennellus is a great plant for displaying Dwarfs.  I'd also recommend a 
Val. (tiger, spiral) for the back, so the leaves can grow up over the surface.  
Or, use some floating plants - I would stay away from duckweed, tho, 'cause 
it's a PITA to keep in control... grows way too fast.  Use Salvinia or 
something a bit larger - much easier to control.

Hope this helps

Jason Miller

Kristian Anderson wrote:

>>> I've got a 29g tank just waiting for a use.  I've decided to try a Dwarf 
Cichlid set up but am wondering on configuration.  Now I know you all are 
saying, "why waste a perfectly good aquarium on fish?"  I would like to keep 
a few plants as well, but mostly a rock set up with plenty of caves.  My 
question is, what kind of substrate, sand or gravel, any flourite?  What 
kinds of plants?  Can I get by with a single 55w light?  My planted 29g has 
110w and it's just a bit on the bright side.  I've heard Cichlids don't like 
a lot of light, I'm just wondering if 55w would be enough for a few plants.   
Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks! 

Kristian Anderson <<<

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