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Re: [APD] CO2 Charts and High pH

--- Roger Miller <roger at spinn_net> wrote:
> Scott wrote:
> > In the case of high pH values, no table is needed or
> useful
> > because, Roger has told us, the CO2 all gets converted
> to
> > carbonates in that situation, which I take from Roger's
> > post to mean that the CO2 level won't rise if you add
> CO2
> > so there's no point to try.
> Just to be perfectly clear...
> . . .  you can add CO2
> to water with a high
> pH and get the CO2 to rise, but when the CO2 rises the pH
> will drop and the
> water will no longer be at such a high pH.

And then if you add more buffer along with the CO2 to try
to raise the CO2 and maintain the pH at 8.5?

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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