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[APD] Re: E.Tennellus size difference

>Is it possible that there were differences in the lighting at the areas 
>where the growth was different?  Shaded?  

Yes, I mentioned in my original message that the better-looking patch is
under some Ceratopteris pteridoides. It's funny, I would have expected
lower light to make E. tenellus grow taller, not shorter. Also, the patch
all looks the same even though some parts of it are more shaded than

Similarly, my tall patch all grows tall even though a few parts of it are
shaded by driftwood.

Given that the whole tank is lit by only 100W of NO fluorescents for 125
gallons, so I wouldn't really say that either patch is in s "high-light"
area. :-)

My best guess is still that there's some sort of chemical communication
between the plants in the patch. The tall patch was started with a single
very big plant, while the short patch was started with plantlets which I
left connected to each other. Maybe somehow the plants went into different
metabolic "modes" that are now passed on to the new plants.

- Jim

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