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[APD] RE: pesky algae

> >There are roughly 25 species or so os "pesky" algae not including diatoms
> >which are in most aquarium samples.
> >Not a lot. Know thy enemy. Most are greens and most are filimanetous.

> Above mentioned are definitely hardest to get rid. What's so special about
> them?

> Marcin Baranowski
> Bialystok, Poland

They like the same conditions many plant tanks provide.
Most are quite easy to get rid once things are going well in the tank. But
often lower CO2 with higher light systems, NO3 shortages, lack of
traces/PO4 can cause some issues.

A few species like Cladophora, say like the Algae Balls, are almost like
plants in their needs for nutrients/CO2/light. The other species of
Cladophora are tough as well as their needs are close to the same as the
higher plants also.

These are the most difficult to get rid of IME. Others can be beaten either
through nutrients/CO2 or blackouts/pruning etc.I've beaten Cladophora by
pruning and switch plant species alone. A few times it seemed to dissappear
but I believe it was related to fish loading. I added more fish once and
later I added algae eaters and both seem to cause a decline without any
other changes. 

Tom Barr 

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