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Re: [APD] lime water disinfecting plants

I checked the manufacturer and the MSDS some time ago; it's
not diff, it's hydrated lime.


Scott H. 
--- "Candy M." <cry_little_sister at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I have read in the archives about using lime baths for
> plants that will not 
> tolerate a bleach dip. I plan to order lime-it if I have
> to but I am curious 
> if making "lime water" would have the same effect?
> Pickling lime is food 
> grade calcium hydroxide, easy to find and seems to be
> used a lot in reef 
> tanks (Kalkwasser).
> Would a stronger version of this be good for disinfecting
> plants or is this 
> a totally different product that just happens to have the
> word lime in it. 
> Yes I really am that cheap.

S. Hieber

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