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[APD] Re: copper

Hey gang,

I'm having trouble believing that the copper card has
been played. Of all the things that you could put into
a planted tank, copper is up there as enemy number
one. Even after copper resins and water changes, there
could be enough to kill shrimps, sensitive plants, and
cause metal toxicity in others. You'll have other
algae for sure even if you manage to get all the
Chladophora which is a gamble.

Daphne-- If it's gotten that bad, why don't you just
tear down the tank all the way, scrap the plants,
bleach it and your equipment/substrate/etc, and start
over? Unless you have a plant that's irreplaceable and
insist on holding onto it, it's the safest and surest
way to go. Further, some algae may survive your copper
assault and then you're back to square one unless you
happen to create an environment change which won't
allow it to gain another foothold...

When I had some nasty Chladophora it just disappeared
almost overnight-- 100% water change and no NO3
anymore. I suspect that a massive disturbance followed
by an environment change spurred the die-off. My tank
was 10g's and not 92g's, so I can't sympathize there.
It must be daunting to have to tear down such a large
and clumbsy tank-- an all day affair, I'm sure:|

At any rate, it seems to me that at this late date in
your struggle, it would pay not to use the stuff
that'll kill your plants, inverts, and (maybe) the
algae, but to start over and be *sure* you took care
of the problem.

FWIW, HTH, and YMMV-- really just best wishes (BW?):)
John Wheeler

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