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[APD] RE: Si and peat

Peat + Flourite is not an issue for Si and algae.

I've added large amounts of peat and flourite and onyx sand also with no
issues in non CO2 plant tanks and with CO2 enriched tanks.
Amano I notice also uses peat in his base sands. I would argue that Al3+
toxicity would have more potential for damage to a tank. Check your tap
water's Si levels also.
I think you'll find them high, non limiting for diatom growth. 
Diatoms are seldom if ever an issue for plant tanks. Otto cats/many species
of plecos will take care of them quickly. 
Soil based tanks would also have this same issue if it's true. Adding
organic matter of any kind will lower the Eh/Redox in the substrate, not
just peat.

I'd challenge the notion that peat induced Si release is the cause of algae
outbreaks. I just don't have them and have not seen one yet having done
this method dozens of times and know many others that have also.A number of
tap waters have had high Si but I see little correlation to the Si levels
and the presence of algae, diatoms are the only group that have any
significant Si requirement and are seldom an issue if you set the tank up
right to start with.

If you follow the advice about substrates, some peat, some mulm , wash the
flourite well(3x good in a bucket), carefully fill the tank, plant the tank
fully from day one, get the CO2 up and the nutrients right, add algae
eaters after a day or two, the tank should grow in very well and be like an
old established tank right away. 

Tom Barr      

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