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[APD] Re: powerhead recommendation for co2 reactor

I now use a maxijet 250 powerhead (370 LPH) to drive my external CO2 reactor. Works very well, is hidden within the aquarium cabinet, it makes less noise than when I had it attached to my canister intake plus I have the benefit of extra water circulation. It doesn't need to be submersed, it's just attached to the bottom of the reactor. I don't have a pic, but here's a really dodgy diagram:


Beats sticking some ugly contraption within the aquarium, IMO.


Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

> You don't have to have a canister to drive an external
> reactor. You can use any water source that allows you to
> tap into it. For example a small powerhead will work.
> although the powerhead would be in the aquarium, you coud
> route the water flow to the external reactor and then back
> into the aquarium. this way, at least the reactor would be
> outside the aquarium.
> Rios are not especially hard to attach tubing to. same for
> the Maxi-jets and the new Pentair Quiet Ones. A quiet One
> model 800 should work very well -- it has a dial to control
> the rate of flow. The Rios also have a flow control.
> Scott H.
> --- "Candy M." <cry_little_sister at hotmail_com> wrote:
> > . . . I followed the link in the email to the external 
> >  reactor,
> > I had found this 
> > referenced before in the ADP archives but since I don't
> > have a canister 
> > filter or a return tube to tap I did not see any way to
> > do it as an external 
> > reactor.
> > 
> > Would I be better off to buy a small canister filter just
> > for this purpose? 
> =====
> S. Hieber

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