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[APD] RE: Size of Echinodorus tenellus

Rachel Sandage wrote:
"Then I had a real run in with BBA, and the E. ten was hard hit. I pulled
it all out & bleached it. When it started to grow again, it came in lighter
green and shorter - and has stayed that way for over a year. Same plants."

Thanks for the reply, Rachel. I'm almost wondering if I should tear out my
tall patch and propagate a set of plants from the short patch. Given that
there aren't any environmental differences I can identify between the two
sides of the tank, I have to wonder if there's some sort of chemical
messenger that's being passed between the plants that somehow affects their
shape and size.

Perhaps I try cutting the runners to some very young plants on the tall
side and see if the plants still grow large. That might be an interesting

- Jim

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