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[APD] Re: powerhead recommendation for co2 reactor


If you don't mind having something inside the tank, a tiny Rio90 water pump
(comes with 4 suction feet) can power an internal reactor. I made one using
a large plastic spice jar, since I had no gravel tube handy. I think the Rio
50 might be even better at $8, from Big Al's online or other sources.  The
90 just barely blows bubbles past the end without a kitchen scrubbie in
place to catch them, 4' isn't long enough, an inch or 2 of extra length
would be better, the 50 might not need the scrubbie if the tube or jar is
long enough. Were I to do it again, I'd try a larger spice jar, for the
extra length.

Ann Viverette

> Would I be better off to buy a small canister filter just for this
> I am trying to keep the cost as low as possible and work with what I have
> for the most part. (Hence some of my hairbrain ideas.)  In the remote
> I would like to set up a sump system, then I could just feed the co2 into
> the sump from what I have read. I don't see it happening anytime soon due
> income.
> Thank you,
> Candy

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