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[APD] RE: Size of Echinodorus tenellus

Jim Seidman has two patches of E. tennellus which are different sizes. I have one patch, but with similar characteristics. I bought the original plants in 2001. They had been grown emersed and looked awful for a while as they changed over to submersed growth. But after that, they began to grow and look great - only they were huge. Like Jim said, at least 6" tall. I think I even posted to the APD looking for an ID for them, because they were so big - and also a deeper green than most E. ten.

Then I had a real run in with BBA, and the E. ten was hard hit. I pulled it all out & bleached it. When it started to grow again, it came in lighter green and shorter - and has stayed that way for over a year. Same plants.

I can't explain it, but thought it might make you feel less alone...

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