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Re: [APD] Which LeMotte nitrate kit?

3310 uses powder that you measure using the tiny spoon that
comes with the kit. I believe that kit has been replaced by
3319. The low end value is 0.25 ppm (NO3-N, Nitrogen from
nitrate) equates about 1.1 ppm nitrate.

3354 uses tablets so you don't have to measure the powder
-- much easier to use. It doesn't measure quite as low, but
the lowest value (1ppm NO3-N, Nitrogen from nitrate)
equates about 4.4 ppm Nitrate, which should be fine.

So pick your choice balancing cost with ease fo use.

All these kits use the same kind of device for reading the
values -- the octa-slide comparator.

Scott H.
--- Gomer Gomer <iegomer at hotmail_com> wrote:
> There seems to be two Nitrate kits and I was wondering
> which I should get.
> 3354 and 3011.  Any opinions?

S. Hieber

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