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[APD] powerhead recommendation for co2 reactor

Since I am using a hob powerfilter and do not have a canister or sump, I am planning to make a co2 reactor out of a python tube. Is this the best way to go?
Could someone recommend a powerhead for it? The tank it will go in is a 55 gallon.
I have read online that you can use a rio 600 or a hagen 201 are either better? I will also be making one for a 29 gallon would the same pump work on it as far as flow rate?
I want to have enough flow to dissolve the co2 but don't want too much turbulence. I had tried a powerhead in a neon tank before and they couldn't seem to deal with the excess water movement. I currently use diy yeast c02 on both tanks, one on the 29 and 2 bottles on the 55. At the moment I am using the top section of a 1 liter bottle cut to fit around the intake tube and placed just above the water inlet screen. It creates a co2 bubble about 2 inches deep above the "flow" area and any excess is sucked into the inlet. My theory was that any co2 in the bubble area is affected by the water flow being pulled into the inlet tube and the flow would help to dissolve the co2. This seems to work ok but I suspect it is not dissolving enough co2 into the 55 gallon tank.


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