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[APD] RE: gravel/sand only tanks

Regarding gravel/sand only tanks:
You might want to look back at RFUG filters in the APD archives.
I grew many plants this way very well.
But......the plants will grow better, all of them, if you add some source
of iron to the gravel. 

Turface, Profile, Schultz's aquatic plant soil(all the same thing, Turface
is the cheapest) mixed with sand might give you what you want.

Yopu can only supply so much to the water column and at some point, at
least with traces, iron in particular, you need some substrate source for
healthy growth in __some__ plant species. Many aquatic plants will grow
fine though. 

RFUG's will provide a better condition for aquatic plants than nothing(just
sand and no flow in/out). 
Adding the mulm from another established tank will mature the tank much
faster(dasys to a month) vs a year to six months to the bottom before you
add the sand. 

This method works well and allows you to keep any grain size with a UGF.
Fish loads will help and these tanks can handle higher fish loads than
other planted tanks since this RFUG acts like a giant filter.
Root growth is excellent.
See archives for more.

Tom Barr  

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