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[APD] RE: was Copper sulfate GW: UV usage

>After a high dosage of UV light...lets say a week or two...What impact does
>UV light have on plants?  I've heard the UV light oxidizes any
>nutrients/ferts in the water. So I would guess, good water changes during
>?the UV dosage AND keep dosing the KNO3'3 etc. or should one NOT dose ferts
>during this time?  Also (very important question)...If one uses UV light
>(every other month or so) what effect will this have on the long term
>of plants?  Of course (I know) all this could be eliminated when one clears
>the issue to begin with of the green water and such. Cut back the lighting,
>good ferts, water changes etc.  Thanks all!  Take care,

>Victor Di Cosola

I add the same amount of fertilizer when I use UV's. There's been some
speculation about UV's knocking the Fe out of a chelators(ETDA etc) but I
have not noticed any effect similar to not adding traces when used 24/7. I
worked with green water for some time and played with nutrients
combinations also while running the UV.
In any event, usage seems limited to a couple of cases(for plants). Getting
rid of green water and killing any spores that happen through the UV. 

So after killing off the Green water, your only usage is the peroid after a
water change/pruning, say about 24 hrs. 
So if you do a water change once a week, then turn it on right after for
the next day, then off for the rest of the week.
This will save the bulb life and cut electric cost.

The reason for this is that if algae are stressed a great deal, like after
a water change, this is when they most often will try and release spores in
reaction to the environmental change. This takes a few hours for them to
do, seldom more than 12 hrs. Running the UV will kill some of these. 

Tom Barr   

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