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re: [APD] Plant filters

I find water sprite easier to deal with. It's a good
"sponge" and, when it becomes overgrown, much easier to
trim back than duckweed. And much easier to eradicate ;-)

It's not cleaer to me why CO2 injection would be a problem
for a discus tank. With readily available buffers (baking
soda, for example) one can tune the pH when injecting CO2,
but one wants a relatively low pH for discus anyway, right?

Scott H.
--- Alan and Kim Van Nevel <van_nevel at verizon.net> wrote:
> Andy,  the polysperma is a good choice, but if you really
> want low 
> maintenance, and a nitrate sponge, get some floating
> plants, like duckweed, 
> salvinia, etc.  Duckweed, as maligned as it is, will
> reproduce rapidly, eat 
> up excess nutrients, and all you have to do is net it out
> when it is 
> rampant.  The caveat is that once you have it, it can be
> difficult to 
> eradicate.  But floaters are the way to go for nitrogen
> sponges.  As a 
> benefit, the discus will appreciate the lower light
> levels in parts of the 
> tank.

S. Hieber

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