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[APD] organic hydro nutrients,co2, and plant resources

Hello,i have 5 hydroponic stations with fifty gallon
resvoirs and a 300 gallon koi/goldfish multi aquarium
system.  I am growing multiple types of
marginals/waterplants from hyacinth to horsetail in
the hydroponics and other stock tanks.  My question
is..is there a way to measure and recycle the sediment
from the fish tanks to the hydroponics with added
supplimental nutrients,eg.tetraflora, epsom salts...so
as the roots are not burned by high nitrate levels and
if this would be best monitored by an ec/tds meter or
regular pond water test kits.  Also i am looking for 
some good web sites with easy search engines for
aquatic plant information such as desired
ph,light,flowering information,photographs,etc. And i
am a bit unclear about co2 injection to water and its
potential effects on root and general growth using
either yeast or tank. Any information is

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