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[APD] Re: Need guidance with DIY compact fluorescents.

I have a freshwater planted Eclipse 12 that I want to upgrade the lighting
for.  I have been looking around, and can't find exactly what I want.
Custom Sealife has a retrofit but it only comes with a marine bulb, and AH
supply's kit doesn't work for me either because I would rather have a
single remote ballast that I can hide, instead of 2 big white

You can purchase a ventilated enclosure from Radio Shack (the steel/aluminum one that is half silver and half black with vent slots on the sides) and mount the two small ballasts in that to house them remotely. I have a pair of 13w PCF lights set up this way (although I use them to light several small tanks rather than one large one). The installation is simply a matter of drilling a few holes in the enclosure to run the wires.


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