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[APD] Plant filters

G'day all!

I'm going to ask a somewhat stupid question... So bear with me...

My schedule until april, is looking mighty insane... And my 55g Discus tank is getting somewhat neglected; which I really need to do something about. 3-4 water changes a week are almost impossible right now.

So I'm wondering, what plants could I add to help keep the nitrates/phosphates levels to a minimum between water changes.

The tanks current setup is a 30/70 flourite/gravel substrate, 80-160w of NO flourescent (2 40w fixtures - usually run 80w but 160 is available), temperature is 84F, kh 80mg/L gh 160mg/L. For the time being, I'd rather keep away from CO2 (the discus are still younger - trying to keep the water conditions as stable as possible).

Right now I've got some hygrophilia polysperma "sunset" in there - along with a couple crypt wendtii. Growth isn't bad; but the recent BGA outbreak set them back a ways...

Thanks in advance,


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