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[APD] Re: Re: Re:fungus, algae or what?

> I have noticed on several occasions in my tanks and in
> others' that new driftwood will sometimes develop a white
> haze that looks for all the world like fungus. Doing
> nothing about it, it's always gone away after a few days or
> a couple of weeks at most.
> Scott H.

Just to concur with Scott, that it is a fungus and that it will go away on its own once it has used up its present food source. It was not necessarily the Christmas moss that carried it in the tank so there is no need to bleach this. The fungus may already have been in the wood before you put it in the
tank digesting the available organics. From the pictures there was not much left otherwise you might have had a much thicker growth (as I have had), or worse, a bacterial bloom in the tank because of leached soluble organics.
Even if snails and ottos eat it, it will only stop growing once its food source has been depleted. It won't effect the plants. Just look bad for a few days or weeks at most. Fungi are like bacteria always present in all tanks. They only become visible when there is a concentration of food. They are _usually_ rather helpful.



> --- Paul Krombholz <krombhol at teclink_net> wrote:
> > It looks like a fungus to me.  If you had snails, I would
> > think that
> > they would eat it.  Are there snails in your tank,
> > Candy?
> > If it does turn out to be an alga, Christmas moss should
> > be able to
> > survive two minutes in 5% liquid bleach.  I know that
> > Java moss does,
> > and I am assuming that Christmas moss is the same.
> =====
> S. Hieber

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