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[APD] Need guidance with DIY compact fluorescents.

I have a freshwater planted Eclipse 12 that I want to upgrade the lighting
for.  I have been looking around, and can't find exactly what I want. 
Custom Sealife has a retrofit but it only comes with a marine bulb, and AH
supply's kit doesn't work for me either because I would rather have a
single remote ballast that I can hide, instead of 2 big white

I found the ballast I want to use, the fulham Longhorse 3 which is good
for 64w.  The problem I am having is what bulbs to use.  I would like to
have at least 30w.  And with only 17"x3"x3" there isn't much room.  I went
looking on the GE, and Osram websites, and couldn't find anything I could
use with a high enough temperature.  Does anyone have any recommendations
for either a 14" 32W, or a 2x18W 6" bulb?

Also I see listed a 28/32W bulb.  If the ballast like the longhorse
detects the bulb wattage, would this bulb run at 28 or 32W?

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