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[APD] Re: plant/algae competition

Tom, you once (or several times) have mentioned that plants "leak"

This was mentioned in discussing scum that formed on the top of a tank when
CO2 was not right, and in relation to algae, I think. Is this the mechanism
for algae growth on leaves, (and when nutrients are leaked in quantity, even
growth on other surfaces)? I'm thinking about how it seems that plants leak
out a bit of CO2 right after lights out, presumably CO2 that was taken in
but not processed. I've read of desert trees leaking out water at night that
was drawn from deep sources during daylight, which allows shallower rooted
plants to colonize near the tree. Is it possible that when something is in
short supply, the other (now) excess nutrients leak out, attracting algae as
scavengers to absorb that leakage?

Ann, just wondering, trying to connect the dots

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