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[APD] Size of Echinodorus tenellus

I have a 125-gallon tank with two patches of Echinodorus tenellus. The
patch on the right looks great, with leaves only a couple of inches long
that lie flat enough that the patch is only about an inch tall. The left
patch grows leaves several inches long that stand fairly vertical, meaning
that the patch is six inches high!

Since both patches are in the same tank, of course conditions are fairly
similar. The plants were vegetatively propagated, so they're definitely the
same variety.

Lighting is 100W of NO fluorescents. Substrate is topsoil covered with play
sand. The only difference in conditions between the two sides is that the
right patch (the better-looking one) gets slightly less light because
there's some Ceratopteris pteridoides floating over it. But I would expect
that to have the opposite effect.

The strangest thing is that even as new plants grow on runners, they are
consistently continuing this difference in appearance!

Any ideas as to what could be going on?

- Jim Seidman

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