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Re: [APD] heating pads

Heating pads can warm the substrate, but do not do anything like what cables or warmed tubing do in the same area.

According to postings by Geo. Booth and others, the theory of cables was to set up thermal differences in the substrate that created small, slow circulating currents as locally warmed water by the wires was replaced by cooler water from below and between them. No heating pad can do that. The wires need to be mounted well above the lower glass for it to work well.

My impression is that too few of us saw enough benefit to put up with the hazards, nuisance, etc., so heating cables are more-or-less in the area of stainless-frame tanks, now. Some love them, but... :-) George's claim of greater long-term stability just doesn't fit with our urgent need to frequently "fiddle" with our plants and to re-arrange our tanks periodically.

There seems to be a consensus that insulation below the tank has definite benefits for preventing "cold feet" for the plant roots. No?

I would *not* use the reptile pads, unless the tank bottom was open inside a cabinet (and uninsulated) to allow any excess heat to be dissipated to the air. It also seems foolish to apply changing heat load directly to one of the most stressed pieces of glass in the tank. [Nothing like that middle-of-the-night "CRACK," "slosh," to make a believer of one!]


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