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Re: [APD] RE: Allelopathy

Raj wrote:


My thoughts on this..

During evolution of the aquatic plants, they have evolved a way to keep off the algae. If this was not true then all these plant species would have gone the Dodo way.. Any allelopathic chemicals they produce would be only local acting and would be found on the surface of the plant. In nature most of these plants are growing in large water bodies or rivers and any chemicals given off by them would be very diluted and miniscule and probably have little or no effect. In a aquariums these chemicals might accumulate and have some effect on algae on all surfaces.. Regular water changes should keep these chemicals from accumulating. This would favour newer aquariums having algae problems and older ones being free from algae..

Allelopathic chemical produced by the root should be stunting or blocking the roots of other species and therefore giving it an advantage and helping it spread.. so there may be more than one chemical produced by aquatic plants. Water movements in the substrate gravel will reduce these effects.


I'm going to jump into the middle of this and ask, why then, do we get algae growing on plant leaves? Or am I the only one to ever have this problem? -Chrys
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