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[APD] Re: Alternative substrate heating idea

Yeah, I agree with Scott. Reducing heat loss through the bottom of the tank certainly helps keep the roots more comfortable. I recently also added some cork sheets to the back and one side of my tank, which was an idea I stole from this list (Thanks again, Mr. Barr!). I have noticed, though, that my tank is now even better insulated than before and the trouble I face now is rising water temperatures. My tank sits around 78 Degrees, and the heater virtually never comes on in mid-winter. I will have to do something to bring it down when the summer heat comes along.

Just for Sandra's benefit, has anyone tried using the stick-on under-tank heating pads normally used for reptiles in an aquatic tank? It seems to me that is a very easy way to go if you are looking for substrate heating. I am worried though, that it may cause temperature stress to the glass. Anyway have any advice on that?

Ed Dumas

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