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[APD] Re: Corrected list but not complete for Planted tanks

Paul wrote:
> I added my own corrections and a few additions.
> <snip>,  More corrections and additions are needed. 
> Can't spend all day  on it, however;  gotta go.

Unlike Paul, I'm not that smart:  I've spent the
*whole day* on this list of terms.  I'm not talking
about any "8-hour" day either:  I've got a serious
16 hours into coallescing all these terms into a 
single, consistent set.

Here's my summary:

  * 180 unique terms, breaking out to categories:
     - general internet terms
     - general chemistry
     - general measures
     - lighting
     - aquaria-related
     - APD-related

  * Coallesced contributions by 17 unique people,
    with some people commenting more than once.  I
    think I've got all the comments for this thread,
    but it's possible I've missed some.  And, it's
    quite possible I didn't catch all corrections:
    This is a painfully tedious process, since we
    didn't establish a 'master record' to modify.

I agree with Paul that more corrections and additions
are needed.  However, it's become painfully obvious
to me that it's too hard to keep up with the list
re-echo'd to the digest each time:  Merging updates
is getting increasingly difficult (since the list
is growing).

I'm currently converting all these terms over to
an HTML format, and will shortly make it available
in 'zip' form for download (anybody that wants to
host, or review, let me know and I'll email it off;
I assumed it would end up in theKrib, the AGA site,
or whomever wants to host).  Also, I'm making an
MS compiled HTML form (*.chm) for simple search
and navigation (one convenient compressed file).

Updates will be simple:  I'm automating the publishing
process, so if anybody wants to email me corrections
or additions, I'll be happy to keep sending out
copies (I'm including a 'date stamp' at the top page
so everybody will know which date/version they are

I just wanted to "jump in" here in case somebody else
is doing the same thing with these terms.  Email me if
you want a "sneak peek" and promise to read the whole
list (again) before we send it out to everybody.  It
should only be a few days.

Don't let me stop the conversation:  This first round
may take me a couple more days to set up, but I'm
watching the terms/corrections as they appear (so
keep them comming to the list, or to me, or whatever).
But, since I have everthing that's been posted 
already (and they are in the publically viewable
archives), it might be easiest if people only post
their additions/updates, rather than echo the whole
list (it's probably not necessary that we echo the
terms that don't change with a given set of

OBTW, we're AOK AFAIK on the APD, and FYI, IMHO like
the PMDD we gotta just DIY on this doc thing, 

--charley (AKA charley and his tapeworm)

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