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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 5, Issue 68

I'm not sure you would derive any benefit the way you describe this setup.
The intent with substrate heating is to give the plants (roots) "warm feet,"
as it has been described, meaning most of the supposed benefit of substrate
heating is derived from processes initiated by the temperature difference
between the water column and the substrate.

You would be heating the water and the substrate, or at least the water
under the substrate, to the same temperature with your setup the way it is.

I'd refer you to the following excellent article on substrate heating by our
very own George Booth, taken from the Krib.


> --- Sandra Derrick <mygenericemailname at yahoo_com> wrote:
> > I wanted to get some imput on a substrate heating idea
> > based loosely on a Karen Randall design; using a u.g.
> > filter plate covered in a nylon to prevent substrate
> > particle loss, I would have a chamber added to one lift
> > tube large enough to house a submersable heater, the top
> > of the tube would have the outflow hose from my canister
> > filter fed into it creating a downward flow into the u.g.
> > plate. the oposite end would have a small powerhead on
> > the lift tube creating "lift" which sould cause the warm
> > water to flow under the plate and back into the aquarium-
> > the powerhead would be about half way to the surface and
> > would not have the venturi added, so it wouldn't create
> > too much surface disruption, only a bit of movement in
> > the water itself. Don't know if this will work...let me
> > know what ya'all think.

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