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[APD] fungus, algae or what?

I have a piece of malaysian driftwood that has been sawed into smaller pieces. On one of them bolbitis rhizomes were tied along with christmas moss. The bolbitis had been bleached and I had removed all existing leaves. The christmas moss was not bleached (did not think it would tolerate it).

There is a blackish/grey fluffy growth of some sort that in the last two days has grown massive amounts. I don't think it is a form of algae but I am not sure what it is.
The bolbitis and christmas moss are both tied to the wood with black cotton thread. The other piece of the same wood has java fern tied to it with the same thread and no growth like this.

All of this has been in the tank for over a month and I noticed the black/greyish mass a few days ago.

No algae is visible in the tank other than greenspot on glass.
Once you take the affected wood/plants out of the water it becomes almost impossible to see. It has no noticeable odor and is not slick when rubbed between your fingers. It does have a texture that is somewhat stringy if you put it in water and pull it apart to look at it, it wads up when rolled between the fingers.

Can someone tell me what this is?
Photos at http://www.moonsweb.com/aqua/unknowngrowth.htm

If this is an algae can christmas moss be bleached?


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