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[APD] More on allelopathy

Hi Folks,

As a wetlands biologist and native aquarium plant
keeper, I've been following the discussion on
allelopathy with great interest.

I just acquired "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium" by
Diana Walstad, and she has a whole chapeter on
allelopathy in aquatic plants, with some specific
attention to plant allelopathy against algae spp, and
allelopathy between different plant species in the
tank.  She even discusses allelopathy between
different algae species and allelopathic algae effect
on plants!  

I do enjoy this book, as it cites primary literature,
her own experiments, and hobbyists observations.  She
also phrases it in a way that makes the reading
enjoyable.  And I love her low-tech approach,
especially since it explains why my best growth has
been in a soil aquarium that I ignore!

Anyway, I love the discussions on the board.  Keep it

-Laura B. in Athens, GA

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