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Re: [APD] no3 test kits.

I'd use the Seachem, Hach, or LaMotte kits for testing
nitrate.  For iron, if I thought I had to test for it, I'd
use the Hach kit.

An iron kit needs to be able to give accurate readins at
very low levels. The cheap ones I've used, basically said
"a lot" or "none" -- on second thought, that margin of
error might be good enough for iron where even a little bit
is usually plenty.

I know I can get accurate readings in useful ranges with
SeaCehm, Hach, and LaMotte kits. The only cheap kits I
trust much are the KH  and GH test kits, like Tetra's or
Aquarium Pharmeceutical.

Scott H.
--- "Scott R.H." <irons_21 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> So I found a Hagen no3 test kit at a LFS going out of
> business.  I know most no3 kits are frowned apon for
> their inaccuracy.  The kit tested around where I
> suspected my water was at.  What is the general
> feeling on this kit?  I also picked up the Hagen iron
> kit.  Which test for chealted and free.  Both came up
> 0.  I only go that one because it was 50% off.  What
> are the thoughts on that kit as well?

S. Hieber

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