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[APD] Hello everyone!

Hi everyone, I am new to the list but not the hobby, a bit about myself; I have been keeping fishtanks since the tender age of seven...way back in 197.....oh well you get the idea...any way I have been keeping plants in my tanks with what I would like to think is a decient amount of success since my teen years and I am about to kick my aqua-scaping skills up a notch w/ my first co2/substate heated tank (open top 55gal). I am boldly going to where the LFS owners ominously call the "plant zone!" I work in same said store and most of my fellow employees scratch their heads when I start spouting off about my plans...I am the "designated expert" where plants come into play at my store (the reef guy that runs the department NEVER sells a plant unless the customer asks and before I came along everything they had to offer could be bought dry at any local supermarket excepting java moss and ferns which were PLANTED in the grossest gravel ever) and I can happily report I have inflicte!
 d my
 addiction onto many of my customers who formally could only grow algae, and taken over the plant section entirely :) I have also gotten in quite a few plant items and gotten rid of the algecide products. I am hoping this tank will be a success (if not it will be my first admitted plant failure) as I will be bringing in photo updates for my customers to see, which (fingers crossed) will give me a bigger budget and more sales in the future. I do have some questions though. Where is the best place on the web to buy heating cables and how many watts should I need? Also will I need a heater (the tank is glass) for the aquarium or will the cables be enough to regulate temp (assuming I get some kind of thermostat for the cable)? Will I need a thermostat for the cables regardless? And how high can I suspend my light fixtures (2 96 wt sub compact fluoresent units) without loosing their effectiveness? Should the co2 be shut off at night? What (assuming the 1" of fish per gallon rule !
 apply here) are the guidelines for number of fish in a co2 tank? Thanks for your patience w/ my enthusiasm, any help will be greatly apreciated! 

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