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[APD] Re: Re: algae/plant competition and uptake rates

>>I recall Tom mentioning it several times and suggesting it
might be a key diff between natural water bodies and
aquaria. It seems to come up often enough in discussion.
Research in aquariums on this? We're all waiting to find
out the biological/chemical secret to avoiding algae in a
planted tank. Perhaps the right candidate has not been
thought up yet?<<

Well if he has, I missed it. Perhaps the latest example I am thinking of was
on my own forum, not here. I think Roger sort of dismissed the notion in my
forum by saying water changes pretty much take care of the need for oxygen.
Any yet there are ways to increase the oxygen level even more by better
circulation and even with devices like the Oxygenator that use some sort of
peroxide solution. Or by using a plant filter or increasing bacteria growth.

This is sort of related...many city/county water treatment facilities use
oxygenating plants as part of their water/sewage treatment process. A couple
of years ago I got a request for bid on 10,000 bunches of Elodea from such a
facility, and it was from a eastern state where this plant is illegal! When
I read the article in TAG from the gentleman in Maine that encouraged
hobbyists to be responsible for unleashing invasive plants I was tempted to
suggest to him he contact his local water department.

Robert Paul Hudson

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