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[APD] Re:Kiddie Pools

>>Am I the only one here who is shocked by such statements of untrue fact?

I have used many different kinds of plastic garbage cans, over many,
many years. I have never observed a problem (other than leakage from a
cheap Rubbermaid) with any of them.

All true plastics usually include some plasticizers, and they do get
into the water over a *very* long period of exposure. For that reason, I
may favor "food grade" tanks for long-term water storage, but am not too
fanatical about it.<<

I grow many of my stock plants in 12 gallon Rubbermaid tub containers
instead of aquariums. I have been doing this for two years.  I also used a
50 gallon plastic tub outside in the summer to grow pond plants. Never had
any trouble. I have heard this fear of plastic before, and I am not sure
where it comes from, but there is certainly no way to know what type of
plastics anything is made of, or what is a good plastic or a bad plastic if
there is even such a thing. I have plastic C02 reactors, plastic cased
heaters, (hagen) plastic plants, (heaven forbid), plastic filters...

Robert Paul Hudson

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