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[APD] A (very) high K+ tank with Ammannia

Erik informed me that his K+ was around 100ppm when he was keeping the
Ammannia and reported none of the issues that folks in Spain and elsewhere
are having. The Ca++ was fairly low (maybe 5GH?), the likelyhood that the
folks are having issues due to high K+ seems awful slim. 


That is fat Ammannia, when it gets dime thick stems, then it's a weed. 
Hope this shows my contention a bit more and shows that folks are not
correct about the high K+ causing stunting. I did not go this high, but I
have had similar success with these plants and the other's folks have
suggested this problem is causing with their plants.

I'd like to know what is causing the issues, but I know it's not K+. I am
almost finished with the Ammannia test at 40ppm K+ and things look dandy at
almost week 2.  
Ca++ is at 35ppm. I'd suggest reviewing the Mg dosage, adding more traces,
If the NO3 drops too low, this will cause classic stunting with these
plants also. 

Tom Barr

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