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[APD] Re: Amazon Biotope

Do me a favor.  If you do get some Tropica Ludwigia helminthorrhiza please
check out some photos on my web site at:
http://users.ev1.net/~spituch/unidentified/unidentified.html     , and look
at "Unidentified Plant #1".

The picture on the Tropica site shows the floating form, although I did see
the lower part of the picture at another sit that shows submerged foliage.

I think my plant is (or is very similar to) L. helminthorrhiza, but since I
live in Texas, L. helminthorrhiza is not supposed to be here.  It is
supposed to extend north only to southern Mexico.  However, in that case I
still want to know what it is.  I have grown it emersed in dry soil, and as
a floating plant, but it seems to grow nicely from the substrate, and when
it reaches the surface it forms very pretty rosettes.  The entire plant
looks to me to be like a very pretty rose bush complete with green flowers
(the leaf rosettes).

If you do get some please compare it to my photos.

Steve Pituch

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