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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 5, Issue 62 (kiddy pools)

Way back in the middle 50's it was easy to pick up discarded kiddy pools
being put out for garbage. I was able to get 4 (6'x 18") pools to raise
both plants and livebearers out doors under 2 gigantic pecan trees from
March to the end of October (here in New Orleans). 

I used a formular of Aquarium "type"
gravel with 1/2" of composted cow manure covered by more aquarium "type"
gravel and topped off by pea gravel both gravel and composted cow manure
were free. I then filled the pools with tap water, waited a week and
then planted each with different type of plants (corkscrew vals ,regular
vals, Amazon swords, Cape Fear spatterdock, crypts and aponogetons.
Between the plants and the fish, I would make enough money to support my
hobby until it was warm enough to begin again the following year.

LFS's couldn't get plants of any near the quality I could provide for
the same price and they would buy all I could sell.  You have no idea
how many corkscrew vals there are, when they cover the bottom of a kiddy
pool or how large and beautiful Amazons and "Cape Fear" Spatterdock will
get in a little over 6 months.  <VBG>

I also bred some croaking gourami in one of the kiddy pools and in
"those" days they commanded very good money.  Things were a lot simpler
then (sigh).  I was also able to collect very long strands of Elodea
canadensis (36" to 48" long) from a pond in Audubon Park for free (free
is always good), these I also sold to the LFS'S.  They couldn't believe
how good a plant grower and fish breeder I was (RIGHT).   

Ah .... the days of youth, gone but not forgotten.  OBTW, many plants
were kept in my personal aquariums for "seed" plants for the next season


Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler'

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